Cool Instruments Store

Here are many of the fun instruments from my videos and instruments that would make wonderful gifts for musicians of all ages! Use the Discount Codes for exclusive discounts!

GoKalimba Kalimbas!

I highly recommend gokalimba when you look for a kalimba. They have an amazing selection of kalimbas with the highest quality, and great prices. Sometimes I play 17 note kalimbas and other times the Seeds Chromatic Kalimba.

5% DISCOUNT CODE for all gokalimba products: JOEPORTER

RAV Vast Steel Tongue Drums

The RAV Vast Drums are an amazing unique instrument which can be played in a similar way to the handpans or with mallets. They are masterfully tuned and have a beautiful sustain.

Jumbie Jam Steel Pan

The Jumbie Jam Steel Pans are amazing for kids (and people of all ages) to get into the world of Steel Pans (also called Steel Drums). The Jumbie Jams are an affordable way to get the beautiful Island sound of steel pans at your home!

Lomuty Steel Tongue Drums

I play a variety of Lomuty Steel Tongue Drums and they sound wonderful and are tuned very nicely.

Easter Acoustic Full Size Drum Set



Looking for your first drum kit? This will be a great starter set to learn how to play the drums!

Donner DED-200 Electronic Drumset



Awesome quality Electric Drums for an amazing price!

Donner DED-100 Electronic Drumset



Amazingly priced electric drums which would be great for beginners!

Donner DA-35 35-Watt Electronic Drum Amp



Donner Practice Pad, Sticks, Stand and Bag



Practice pads are great for drummers to practice while watching TV or away from the drum kit!

Flair Drum, amazing melodic bottle instrument

(Tell him Joe Porter sent you)

The flairdrum is an amazing unique instrument, made from recycled plastic bottles! You pressurize the bottles with air (using a bike pump) and each bottle can be tuned individually. The instrument breaks down into the size of a backpack and is easy to bring anywhere!

Hammered Duclimer, Song Bird Dulcimers

(Tell them Joe Porter sent you)

I play a Phoebe Chromatic Dulcimer from Song Bird Dulcimers. The sound and woodworking from Song Bird Dulcimers is absolutely amazing. They have such great prices and I don’t think I could recommend a better maker for Hammered Dulcimers!

Hand Pans (also known as a Hang) Ayasa Instruments

(Tell them Joe Porter sent you)

I play handpans made by Ayasa Instruments. They have spent many years perfecting the art of making handpans and getting the perfectly balanced sound on all notes which is incredibly hard to do. They have made many handpan innovations including their unique amber steel which sounds amazing and doesn’t rust. I highly recommend you check out their instruments and susbcribe to their YouTube Channel!

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