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The Art of Marimba with Six Mallets Includes eleven pieces to dig into six-mallet music! PDF sample

Six Mallet Book

Six-Mallet Technique Diversified is now available as an online (1.5hr) video and e-book! PDF Sample | Video

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Comments from the Experts:

“A leading exponent of six mallet technique, Grover artist Joe Porter has pushed the boundaries of what was considered ‘possible’ on keyboard percussion.”

– Neil Grover (USA)

“Joe Porter is opening a new world for six mallets!! On these amazing books, we can see the new possibilities on marimba with six mallets – how to hold six mallets, how we can practice, what we need to learn. He put his wonderful ideas and technique on his works, so that we can practice six mallets joyfully. Now, let’s open these books and open the door for the six mallets stage!!” – Kana Omori (Japan)

Joe Porter’s work is liberating! “Six-Mallet Technique Diversified” has freed us from technical limitations, and “The Art of Marimba with Six Mallets” helping us to release our expressive voice, going through a repertoire especially selected for this purpose, which includes arrangements and original compositions by Joe. I put the pencil down and go to my six mallets to enjoy this indispensable book on the music stand of all six-mallet players.

– Marcos Darius Cabezaz (Argentina)

Joe is a leading exponent of a Six Mallet technique and has been developing the percussion community’s understanding of this technique with dedication for years. Before I met Joe, I was skeptical about the possibility for independence of stroke using a six mallet technique but, through his excellent educational clinics and published materials, my initial incredulity has turned to curiosity … and admiration!

What communicates clearly within this book is that Six Mallet technique is not a gimmick, or just something to ‘impress’, but an important tool for marimbists to employ towards new musical possibilities. In combination with ‘Six-Mallet Technique Diversified’, ‘The Art of Marimba with Six Mallets’ presents an appetising selection of pieces that will push the marimba community to further explore this technique’s musical potential, helping to change our mindset as to what is possible and what can be created in the future.

– Jason Huxtable (UK)

The Art of Marimba with Six Mallets by Joe Porter is an excellent and welcome addition to the continuously expanding repertoire and technical information available to percussionists who want to explore playing with six mallets. His arrangements and original compositions are accessible, fun, and most importantly, incredibly well-written for this technique. Simply put, if you are interested in six-mallet literature, you need this in your collection.” – Robert Paterson (USA)

“This collection of arrangements and original compositions is an excellent addition to six mallet playing. I can strongly recommend Joe´s work and his advanced virtuoso six mallet technique.” – Kai Stensgaard (Denmark)

“THE ART OF MARIMBA WITH SIX MALLETS has strong instructional and musical value. This is a long awaited for book dedicated to learning six mallets that encourages a performer’s expression and abilities.” – Noriko Tsukagoshi (Japan)

The Simpsons Six Mallet Marimba Arrangement is available here:

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