I’m excited to launch YouTube Memberships! I make extra weekly videos for YouTube Members! You can Join my channel for less than a $1. I also take requests from members and make videos just for you!

The videos include: Requests from Members, Lessons, About the Instruments, Techniques, Bloopers, Behind the Scenes and lots of fun random things!

Honoured and humbled for this recognition!

  • New Book, “The Art of Marimba with Six Mallets” is finished! The book contains eleven solos (arrangements and original compositions) for solo marimba! Check out the book here
  • Pleased to announce my album, “Pieces of My Imagination” won The Akademia Music Awards Best Instrumental Album, 2020. Check out the album here!
  • Special thanks to Ludwig-Musser for adding a feature in the Canadian MusicFest Magazine!:
  • Special thanks to Grover Pro Percussion for adding some very nice words in their monthly newsletter about my Six-Mallet Technique! See the newsletter here.