All Works are sold as PDF’s


The Art of Marimba with Six Mallets (2020)
A collection of Classical Master Pieces Arranged for Solo Marimba, Original Compositions, Etudes, Technical Exercises, and Tips for Using Six Mallets. Arrangements include music by Eric Whitacre, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Juvetino Rosas and more! (11 six-mallet solos in this book!) $45 (CAN) | PDF Sample

Six-Mallet Technique Diversified
A Comprehensive Book and 1.5hr Online Video to Learn Six-Mallet Marimba Technique (2013) – Everything you need to learn six-mallet technique! $40 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

The Journey To Groove
A Comprehensive Method for Developing the Drumset Musician (2014) (285 pages!) | $30 (CAN) | PDF Sample

Steps To Groove
A Drum Set Method to use with “The Journey to Groove” to give students a complete method of learning drum set and reading music. (2015) | $15 (CAN) | PDF Sample


Groove Train
Concerto for Drumset, Percussion Ensemble, Brass, and Woodwinds (2014)
Duration: 13 min. $45 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

The Traveling Carnival: Concerto for Vibraphone, Strings and Drumset (2012)

I ) Opening Night, II) The Sad Clown, III) Rides, Games and Trickery | Duration: 19 min
*Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner: Originality and Creativity $75 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

The Traveling Carnival: Concerto for Vibraphone and Percussion Ensemble (2012)

*Version for Percussion Ensemble $45 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

The Traveling Carnival: Concerto for Vibraphone: Piano Reduction (2012)

*Version for Piano Reduction (includes Drum set and Optional percussion parts) $35 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

Concerto for Six-Mallet Marimba and Strings (2012)

I) Should Have Listened, II) Don’t Worry It’s Alright, III)Maybe It’s Not Alright… IV)Who Cares | Duration: 16 min. $75 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

Concerto for Six-Mallet Marimba and Strings. Piano Reduction (2012)

*Version for Piano Reduction $35 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

Percussion Solos

Rhythmic Meditation for Solo Percussionist (Upright Bass Drum and Low Octave Crotales) (2019)

Duration: 4min | $10 (CAN) | PDF Sample

Tour de Groove Drum set Solo (2017)

A fun and challenging solo featuring a wide variety of grooves and phrases! Duration: 8min

$10 (CAN) | PDF Sample

Duo, Trio and Ensemble Works

Rhythmic Meditations for Percussion Duo (2019) Duration: 8.5min

A fun and challenging duo piece, using marimbas, bass drums, crotales and more! Rhythmic interplay influenced by Polynesian Drumming. Commissioned by Mackenzie Wiseman and Bryce Cotton. Duration: 8.5min. $30 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Audio Sample

10 Pieces for Beginning Steel Band (or can be adapted for Orff style Xylophones) (2017)

Written to teach elementary school students (or older beginners). Instead of teaching songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, these will make your kids sound like a band! Nice chord progressions with simple melodies. Your students will love these pieces! $40 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

Surge for Multi-Percussion Duo (2017)

Polynesian Drumming on two Drum sets! High-energy, rhythmic duet. Challenging interlocking rhythms that the audience will love! $30 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Video

Dueling Sisters for Trumpet and Marimba Duet (4 1/3 Octave) (2016)

A fun piece for trumpet and marimba. Commissioned Ailene and Clair McMahon by Duration: 4-5min (High School Level) Duration: 4-5min. $25 (CAN) | PDF Sample

Joropia for Steel Band, Maracas and Cajon (2015)

A fun piece for steel band! Looking for a different sound out of your band? Look no further! This brings the wonderful syncopations and spirit of Joropo music from Venezuela and Columbia to the steel band! Duration: 4-5min. $35 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Audio

Piece for Joel – Piano and Drumset Duo (2014)

A fun duo influenced by the band, The Bad Plus. Duration: 3.5 min. $20 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Audio

Told You for Vibraphone and Guitar (2011)

A short and fun Cuban inspired piece. Duration: 3.5 min. $15 (CAN) | PDF Sample | Audio

Arrangement of Ecstacy of Gold by Ennio Morricone for Vibraphone and Guitar (2011)

Duration: 5-8 min (Depending on length of the solos). Email me if your interested in the arrangement. | PDF Sample | Audio


Pieces of My Imagination (2019)

Award winning album of original compositions. Click here for more information. Available to Purchase or stream: iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Physical CD

Detours (2015) Joe Porter and Joel Goodfellow Duo Debut CD

DETOURS, the debut Big Round Records release from percussionist Joe Porter and pianist Joel Goodfellow, showcases the jazz duo’s capacity for collaboration and improvisation, with animated and dynamic versions of well-known film and literary compositions. Click here for more information/purchasing.